A Dynamic Secure Group Sharing Framework in Public Cloud Computing

A Dynamic Secure Group Sharing Framework in Public Cloud Computing With the popularity of group data sharing in public cloud computing, the privacy and security of group sharing data have become two major issues. The cloud provider cannot be treated as a trusted third party because of its semi-trust nature, and thus the traditional security models cannot be straightforwardly generalized into cloud based group sharing frameworks. In this paper, we propose a novel secure group sharing framework for public cloud, which can effectively take advantage of thecloud servers’ help but have no sensitive data being exposed to attackers and the cloud provider. The framework combines proxy signature, enhanced TGDH and proxy re-encryption together into a protocol. By applying the proxy signature technique, the group leader can effectively grant the privilege of group management to one or more chosen group members. The enhanced TGDH scheme enables the group to negotiate and update the group key pairs with the help of cloud servers, which does not require all of the group members been online all the time. By adopting proxy re-encryption, most computationally intensive operations can be delegated to cloud servers without disclosing any private information. Extensive security and performance analysis shows that our proposed scheme is highly efficient and satisfies the security requirements for public cloud based secure group sharing.