A Dataset of Open-Source Android Applications

A Dataset of Open-Source Android Applications Android has grown to be the world’s most popular mobile platform with apps that are capable of doing everything from checking sports scores to purchasing stocks. In order to assist researchers and developers in better understanding the development process as well as the current state of the apps themselves, we present a large dataset of analyzed open-source Android applications and provide a brief analysis of the data, demonstrating potential usefulness. This dataset contains 1,179 applications, including 4,416 different versions of these apps and 435,680 total commits. Furthermore, for each app we include the analytical results obtained from several static analysis tools including Androguard, Sonar, and Stowaway.In order to better support the community in conducting research on the security characteristics of the apps, our large analytical dataset comes with the detailed information including various versions of AndroidManifest.xml files and synthesized information such as permissions, intents, and minimum SDK. We collected 13,036 commits of the manifest files and recorded over 69,707 total permissions used.