IEEE PHD Projects

IEEE PhD projects provide knowledge based service to researcher in computer science, computer application, wireless communication, and computer engineering and information technology. We offer various IEEE PhD projects in various domain as network security, wireless security, web technology, big data, web mining and cloud computing. We determine PhD research academic projects initially identify what are limitations or drawbacks in previous paper, and then provide efficient solution for analyzed problem after examination researcher form mathematical model or formula for system design and implementation. Finally we produce result based on performance analysis.



Web technology in PhD projects:

We implement web technology with awareness of web usage. We adopt web technology in World Wide Web application, mobile phone technology and communication technology. We develop web technology based projects with various servers as application server and database server. Our project team develops efficient web technology based projects by Apache as web server. We provide database server as mysql and php for server side programming language.

IEEE PHD Projects in network security:

We develop network security with wired, wireless, wireless sensor, computer network and mobile system we examine various security algorithm and performance in PhD research projects. For secure data transmission in network, we adopt cryptographic algorithm which categorized as symmetric and asymmetric algorithm. We developed more than 80+ thesis with various encryption algorithm as diffie Hellman key exchange, AES, hash function, DSA, message digest algorithm, RSA, speck and SIMAN in network security projects.

Big data in IEEE PhD projects:

We deploy big data in science and engineering industry which ensure scalability in data centric architecture and data model operation. We implement basic components in big data as semantic, matching algorithm, syntactic model, information learning algorithm and information retrieval. We provide big data projects to access high volume, variety, and velocity and versatibility data. In big data PhD project we analyze life cycle management, big data security and big data infrastructure and analyze data structure mode.

Cloud computing IEEE PHD Projects:

We establish cloud computing PhD projects based on traffic modeling, environment aware routing, virtual environment, resource management, data center security, link, task scheduling in cloud computing. We simulate cloud computing PhD projects with simulation tool Cloudsim to analyze proposed algorithm performance, methods and techniques. We develop IEEE PhD projects in cloud computing with virtualization technology as climate control, power source control, model cloud computing environment as automated computation of cloud power consumption. We develop some software tools to control temperature and humidity. We construct mathematical formulation to establish traffic scheduling algorithm and optimal virtual topologies.IEEE PHD Projects


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