IEEE OMNET++ Projects

IEEE OMNET++ Projects (Omnet++) is a discrete event based Network simulator. We ensure Omnet++ infrastructure and tools to write stimulators. We offer IEEE Omnet++ project which deliver different network concepts for students to develop final year projects. We develop IEEE based application with Omnet++ simulation model. We support Omnet++ with parallel distributed network. We guide and develop IEEE based projects for B.E, B.Tech, and M.Tech, M.E students. We assure Omnet++ with various frameworks to develop IEEE based projects.

OMNET++ Terminologies:

We denote various Terminologies in Omnet++ projects are:

Omnet Simulation Framework:

We support following framework in Omnet++ are:

IEEE OMNET++ PROJECTS Wireless Sensor :

We use wireless sensor network composed of distributed wireless sensor nodes to monitor physical environments. We use common standards are Bluetooth, Zigbee and 6LOW PAN. We proposed more than 95+ projects with wireless sensor network in an effective way. We implement ZigBee to transmit data by passing data through intermediate devices. We adopt Bluetooth to exchange data with short distance from fixed and mobile devices. We use 6LOWPAN which permit IPV6 packet to send and receive from IEEE 802.15.4 based networks.

IEEE OMNET++ PROJECTS Ad hoc Network :

We simulate wireless Ad hoc Network by Omnet++. We use Ad hoc network to satisfy the requirement of network application. Ad hoc network a decentralized network which uses all station as mobile stations with no connection to other BS.

Multihop Wireless Network:

We use multihop wireless network which composed set of nodes to communicate wirelessly by radio signals with shared common channel. We use this network as radio network and mobile network.

Advantages of Wireless Ad hoc Network:

We adopt following parameter in wireless Ad hoc Network are:


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