Multimedia Based Projects

Multimedia Based Projects is the practical and scientific application to computer various techniques. We offer B.Tech computer science is the study of data structure, database management system, network computer programming language and computer technologies. We use dot net, java and php to develop computer science projects. We ensure B.Tech computer science academic projects with various types of scheduling algorithm for efficient execution workload balancing in physical and virtual machine and manage queuing process. We perform performance evaluation wireless communication technology; QOS implementation and network security are vital elements in network projects from Elsevier paper. We determine cloud, wireless network, and data mining, image processing, LTE and multimedia projects are developed for B.Tech students.



Multimedia based projects:

We represent multimedia data as text, audio, video and image. We provide various methodologies to process multimedia data is computer science projects. We handle major challenge in multimedia as how to process and transfer video and audio data among computer network. We utilize QR code, Maui indexing process and TIFF file conversion by our project team members. By this process, we provide an efficient compression & decompression operation among multimedia data. We enhance QR code as 2D bar code to provide secure transmission of multimedia data from one location to another.

Multimedia Based Projects Digital Image:

We propose image processing with preprocessing, feature extraction, normalization, clustering, classification and segmentation are major steps in image processing projects. In every step we describe an new innovative algorithm to improve image processing application. We efficiently segment breast cancer, brain tumor, plant disease identification, lung tumor, retinal disease, diabetic disease, car number plate recognition system, and tongue recognition projects in matlab. We implement fuzzy c-means; k-means and Gaussian filter techniques in image processing projects.


We handle wireless communication, power line communication, optical fiber communication, mobile communication, and wireless sensor communication projects in an efficient way. We operate microwave signal, laser signal and radio frequency in wireless communication to transfer information from one location to another. We developed more than 80+ projects in B.Tech computer science projects with efficient simulation tools. We adopt IPV4, UDP, AODV, IPV6, DSDV, ZRP, and DSR in network projects. We implement and test this protocol by simulation tool such as NS2, NS3, OMNET++, and Opnet. We construct new energy efficient routing protocol for sensor network in B.Tech computer science projects.



Data mining and cloud computing:

We implement a challenging task in data mining application as fast and accurate retrieval of useful information and manage big data. We implement Hadoop mapreduce approach to resolve data mining problem. By map reduce process we divide input data into multiple chunks and distribute data into several workers to speed up data mining process. By cloud we store multiple user data and cloud service provider information. We perform oruta, panda, HER and workload analysis are cloud computing projects in B.Tech computer science projects for students.

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