NS3 Projects

NS3 Projects is a simulator and software infrastructure used to develop simulation models in real time network. We interconnect real world with NS3 which permit real world protocols. We offer NS3 projects for B.Tech students to ensure simulation based projects in advance technology. We support B.Tech students in background of computer science, Information Technology and electronics projects in NS3. We support NS3 with 4G technology also.

Object Oriented Implementation:

We implement this technique to build simulators and protocols. By this system we develop protocols for multimedia, multiparty and multiservice protocol. We provide various network permits to access. It implements physical network and protocol actions. Various combiners and converters are supported by this method.

Node Oriented Simulation:

We implement this simulation to perform routers and host functions for various academic projects. Packet level simulation is performed for IP Network models. Every node in Network contain own routing table, service routines and queue. We support various runtime systems and provide better technology.

Generic Application Oriented Networking:

We support this networking with NS3. It ensure generic control interface scenario to load (or) unload nodes. Multicast protocols are supported by NS3 in GAON.



Network Database in NS3:

We implement several databases such as TinyDB and stoneDB Technologies. It supports Query data, live data and historic data in all databases. We use several approach to implement network database model. TinyDB and stoneDB are accessed with large values and simulated by NS3.

Peer to Peer Network NS3 PROJECTS

We deploy Peer to Peer systems in more than 80+ projects to provide an efficient result. For efficient simulation of P2P network we use NS3. Network flow model are identified by message behavior. We use special protocol called Bit Torrent and various experiments are performed by NS3 in NS3 Projects.

NS3 Projects Routing Protocols:

We support and implement routing protocols such as multicast and unicast routing protocols which developed from Elsevier paper. Unicast routing protocol are AODV, DSDV and DSDR provide data transmission among single source and destination by NS3. Multicast protocol are MAODV, ODMRP are simulated by NS3.

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