IEEE CSE Projects

IEEE CSE Projects is a design and study of various computing devices, systems to ensure a computing ideas and model for physical system. We offer IEEE CSE  projects to introduce to innovative technologies and to maintain engineering standard for computer evolution. We provide IEEE papers with previous research, technique, algorithm, drawbacks, proposed and final conclusion about that paper. Most engineering student select project from IEEE journal and we provide great support to students. Various domains are offered by IEEE journal and domains are selected based on student’s interest.



Computer Engineering:

We offer cse final year projects and cse student have opportunity to design system appearance, information,  manipulation, detection system, software and hardware appliances. Different technology such as security, data transformation, data storage, distributed and mobile device communication are offered by cse projects.

Java Based Cse Projects:

We implement java which is a platform independent to design and evaluate a cse projects. We use java language and produced more than 100 projects in various domains such as cloud computing, data mining, artificial intelligence, network security and neural network. Various simulations are written by java language. We develop big data with data mining, electronic health record secure data transmission, hyper heuristic and key aggregate projects are written and processed by java language.

.Net Based Cse Projects:

To develop real time application project we use .net framework. .net project such as e-medical, keyboard aware recommendation system, personalized gio specific, public auditing for cloud computing, electronic health record are developed under cse domain. To develop various application environments we can also use, c#, v# Net languages.

Android Based CSE Projects:

More number of B.E students is interested to do android based project. We develop various innovative mobile application projects by us using android. Nowadays smart phones usage increased gradually at high rate. Various applications such as train alert sms, blind application, bus ticket booking, and dynamic backlight are

developed by android projects. Technology such as GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are adopted with android projects.

IEEE Matlab Projects:

To solve logarithmic and mathematic problem in computer science we use matlab. Matlab are used for image processing, classification, digital signal processing applications are developed. We accept different type of numerical values for image processing execution in matlab.IEEE CSE Projects

IEEE NS2 Projects:

Network simulator is implemented by us for various communication network, packet transmission, packet loss, routing protocol, single and multi hop count. We implement NS2 by C++ and object oriented tool to write project code.IEEE CSE Projects


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