IEEE NS2 Simulation Projects

IEEE NS2 Simulation Projects (NS2 )is an important network simulator with discrete event characteristics which targeted towards various network researchers. We offer IEEE NS2 simulator projects developed for engineering students in the field of communication and computer science engineering. We flowish new own innovative projects related to networking by NS2 simulation tools. We progress various algorithm and protocols by NS2 simulation tool for academic projects. We use NS2 to design peer to peer network model with location aware protocols. We ensure cluster based protocols for effective transmission we developed more than new generation based network technology LTE based 4G network which support NS2 simulation for B.E projects.



Secure SPIN Algorithm:

We enhance data transmission rate in wireless network by routing algorithms. We propose many algorithms in wireless network for efficient data transferring. We use clustering algorithm to send data over different geographic network region. During an rescue time it is difficult to handle data gathering & aggregation from base station in wireless sensor network. We use secure SPIN algorithm to form cluster in wireless sensor network. By this protocol we select cluster head based on every node performance in cluster. We operate secure SPIN to enhance data gathering in wireless network & wireless network performance.

IEEE NS2 Simulation Projects:

We proposed more than 80+ projects in P2P network composed of peer to peer connection with multiple nodes. We evolve location based P2P system to defeat traffic problem in network. We contain many location based P2P systems with network location and autonomous system number. We ensure high probability design of P2P live streaming system with network address translation devices. NAT device degrade peer capacity to create contribution among upload bandwidth. Simple peer algorithms with NAT have capacity to build non random peer list which reduce transit traffic & enhance peer connection. We use NS2 to identify P2P live streaming model performance.




We implement an upcoming generation network referred as LTE which connect vehicles and networks. It connect vehicle with well designed equipment we permit vehicle to use LTE enabled smart phone, tablet and logically suitable for LTE connected vehicles. We enable user equipment with LTE connected vehicles. We determine connection among vehicles by vehicular connection steering protocol. VECOS it functions based on methods are:

Travelling salesman problem:

We establish travelling salesman problem a network routing problem consider an important issue in combination network. By vehicle routing scheme, we ensure shortest path and travelling sale man roblem. We handle various network location based problems by travelling sale man & location aware protocol to decrease routing problem in vehicular Adhoc network. Network location includes selecting network location based on optimized objective system.IEEE NS2 Simulation Projects


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