MS Computer Engineering Projects

MS Computer Engineering Projects is mainly aid on implementation and design of computer system. We offer MS computer engineering projects equal to research projects. We provide computer engineering projects with computer technology knowledge to MS student. We establish MS computer engineering academic project to analyze technology based problem in computer society & to investigate new method to solve complex and computing problems in computer system & networking. We develop computer interaction, computation, algorithm, database management, robotics, data mining and artificial intelligence projects from Springer paper to MS students.

Computer interaction

We analyze computer communication types, communication medium & how can it transfer information from one to another system in secure manner. We provide knowledge about scheduling, operating system knowledge, and multiprocessor and multitask processing. We require java and .net language to design peer to peer and client server interactions .we use Cloudsim, Peersim and gridsim tool to design grid computing, cloud computing, parallel and distributed computing. We validate computer network layer interaction user and computer level interaction by simulation framework.



Database management for MS Computer Engineering Projects

We provide database is system to store all client, server and user information. We require database management in all domains such as data mining, bio metric, intelligent learning system and cloud computing are using data base concepts. More data mining application utilize data base service to store & retrieve query data. We compare input data with data base information for accurate regeneration by natural language processing projects. We adopt java and .net to model electronic patient health record maintain in cloud database. We provide web service application to match service request and availability on data base.

Network communication design

We define network is the process of connecting more network by using topology methods we designed more than 85+ projects in wireless communication using NS2, NS3, OMNET++, QUALNET and opnet simulation tool we implement factor such as topology formation, network security and network communication. We implement wireless communication network in common programming language which is a complex process. We resolve this problem by providing graphical user interface, built in library function and command line interface.

Medical image processing projects

We implement brain tumor segmentation age gender classification using brain MRI images, kidney stone identification, lung tumor classification, prostate cancer detection and retina extraction under medicalĀ  image processing for MS computer engineering projects students. Our matlab experts efficiently build new image processing algorithm in matlab for accurate segmentation and classification.



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