IEEE Projects For CSE

IEEE Projects For CSE (CSE) stands for computer science engineering which is a stream of engineering field. We offer IEEE projects for CSE with related to academic projects from IEEE base paper. We support and guide students to develop projects in various domains based on computer network system. We develop networking, medical imaging, data mining, big data, Hadoop and multimedia based projects for CSE students. We developed more than 110+ projects with various technologies for computer science students under simulation tool such as Gridsim, dot net, RTool, NS3 and android.

Data mining IEEE projects:

We implement data mining technology for automatic data storage among cloud server. We provide automatic data collection and database technology to process data stored in data warehouse, and database. We determine data mining techniques & algorithm to extract knowledge from data in large databases. We develop number of data mining based projects with various data mining algorithm for B.Tech students. We develop web mining & web based application in data mining and cluster algorithm to collect similar data on database.

Cloud storage application:

We develop cloud storage based application under big data and Hadoop projects. By big data we produce cost reduction and enhance computing task performance with time required operations to process big data, we require various approaches as techniques, architecture and tools. We generate value from storage & process very large quantities of digital information.

Augmented reality:

We implement augmented reality based projects with visualized output for any kind of application. We determine augmented reality as virtual reality to duplicate world environment in a computer. By this system, we generate composite view of user and combine real scene created by user and virtual scene created by computers which operate under additional information.

Image processing IEEE projects:

We develop image processing & medical image processing based projects for computer science students. We simulate image processing projects by matlab simulation tool we determine image processing related projects with CT scan analysis and enhance image quality by various technologies in matlab. We implement edge detection and car license plate application in image processing based projects.

Computer communication:

We develop computer communication based application to enhance communication strategy among network devices. We adopt routing & data forwarding based algorithm to enhance computer communication based application. We implement communication like wired & wireless communication with simulation scenario. We deploy wireless communication as ZigBee, sensor network, Bluetooth, mesh network and Adhoc network for engineering students.


Multimedia network communications provide data transfer in the format of audio and video files. We develop audio conference & video conference based application under multimedia application. We adopt multimedia communication protocol for efficient data transfer on multimedia communication.




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