IEEE Wireless sensor network PROJECTS

IEEE Wireless sensor network PROJECTS used to cse ,ece ,networking ,communication ,eee department students.ECE is a cascade of engineering studies and stands for electronics and communication engineering. We offer IEEE ECE project for B.E, B.Tech, M.E and M.Tech ECE student to complete their final year projects. We support ECE student to develop projects by microprocessor, microcontroller, communication and simulation based projects. We develop all types of projects with latest technologies and provide wireless communication based IEEE projects in wireless sensor network, wireless mesh network and wireless adhoc network for ECE students.



Micro controller and components:

We provide micro controller components as similar to microprocessor as serial port, interrupts, ROM, RAM and input output ports. We listed the associated components in micro controller are:

Analog to digital & digital to analog converter:

We use electronic circuit inside micro controller to convert signals from one form to another form.


We provide micro controller memories such as EEPROM, ROM, and EPROM & RAM. To store program source code in micro controller we use flash memories.

Register and special function register:

We adopt registers to store and process operation mentioned in program source code.


We refer CPU as brain and math function to fetch and decode instruction. CPU performs all function in microcontroller.

Wireless network:

We developed more than 110+ projects in wireless network for ECE students in communication domain. We implement wireless communication projects by simulation process. We categorized wireless network as:

  • Wireless sensor network
  • Wireless mesh network
  • Wireless adhoc network

IEEE Wireless sensor network PROJECTS:

We provide wireless sensor network with sensor node to identify physical change of environment. We detect sensor node change in various applications.

IEEE adhoc network PROJECTS:

We refer this network as multihop relay network composed of mobile node to transmit data from one node to another node. We adopt this network in various fields as vehicular data transmission and military applications.

IEEE Wireless mesh network PROJECTS:

We determine wireless mesh network which create mesh to transmit data among various wireless nodes topology.

Simulation tool:

We listed some simulation tool for academic projects are:

  • Verilog
  • Matlab
  • Simulink
  • NS2, OMNET++ & NS3 for network projects
  • Lab view
  • HDL
  • SDK and android emulator
  • VHDL

Op-AMP based projects:

We provide operational amplifier with two inputs as inverting & non inverting terminal. We use input terminal to amplify input voltage. We adopt op amp based various amplifier in ECE projects. We implement main function of differential amplifier when amplifies changes among input voltages. We use differential amplifier in amplitude modulation circuit and series negative feedback circuits.

PLC based system:

We use programmable logic controller as a digital electronic device and assign as programmable memory to store instruction. We implement specific functions such as sequence, counting, logic and arithmetic control. We design PLC to work under specific applications. It involves specific function as automatic control on/off and data handling.IEEE Wireless sensor network PROJECTS


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