HADOOP PROJECTS for students

Hadoop projects for students is based on data mining and cloud computing domain our main aim of hadoop project is to enhance scalable factor in big data application we define big data as collection of information from various sources to create a global data. In cloud computing it gather various services from cloud service provider and to store cloud user data in specified location. Data mining is also collect various source of information to satisfy user request. We develop hadoop application for M.Tech students to split all data into multiple chunks and sent to mappers. We distribute these map function as small piece data into multiple nodes. By job tracker & task tracker we monitor data flow and reducers store all information in HDFS.

Dynamic workload balancing in hadoop:

We provide hadoop with HDFS & map reduce function component. We determine hadoop distributed file system to store all hadoop user data. We obtain hadoop map reduce information from log file which enhance server node workload. We propose dynamic workload balancing algorithm in IEEE hadoop academic projects which move task from busiest worker to another worker and reduce job execution time. We provide cloudsim tool to simulate dynamic work load balancing algorithm performance.

Self adaptive hadoop scheduler for heterogeneous resources:

We use hadoop to process large data. We easily adopt self adaptive hadoop scheduler with various nodes based on capabilities. We support heterogeneous data by self adaptive scheduler to control each node capacity & no of task processed in each node at a time. We provide scheduler with elastic parameter to hadoop environment which extend & shrink node capacity depend on available resources.

Dynamic data rebalancing in hadoop environment:

We perform clustering operation and data in hadoop cluster to divide into number of blocks. We replicate data based on replication factor which increased data copy means storing data service time number in HDFS also increased. To overcome data replication problem in big data application we use dynamic data rebalancing algorithm with hadoop framework.

HDFS file system in hadoop projects:

Hadoop distributed file system is an important role in hadoop projects which enable data intensive, distributed and parallel application by Google map reduce framework. We store all map reduce data in hadoop distributed file system we store file as block series and replicate for fault tolerance in HDFS.hadoop projects for students

Data locality for virtualized hadoop based on task scheduling approach:

We handle major problem as cluster management & fluctuation resource utilization in cloud virtual machine various scheduling algorithm are implemented which does not retained high performance in two level distributed data in virtual machine & physical machine. We implement weighted round robin algorithm by projects team to improve data locality for virtualized hadoop cluster.hadoop projects for students

Distributed hadoop map reduce:

We developed more than 75+ projects in hadoop with various techniques in an efficient way for grid based application. We provide map reduce a data processing platform. We determine hadoop on grid which differ from normal map reduce framework ensure free, dynamic & elastic map reduce grid environment.




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