Optisystem Projects

Optisystem Projects is an innovative optical communication system simulation package to design, test and optimize virtually with any type of optical link in physical layer of broad spectrum. We implement optisystem thesis for M.Tech students which is more complex, scientist and engineer increase advance simulation techniques for vital assistance with design issues. We handle more than 80+ optisystem thesis for M.Tech final year students. We ensure optisystem thesis as power, flexible efficient facilities and effective photonic design, we adopt optisystem software to simulate WDM designer system.



Multilevel analyzer development in optisystem:

We provide analyzers of optisystem are:

Advantages of multilevel signal analyzer for optisystem:

We adopt the advantages for optisystem are:

ROF design using optisystem:

We provide optical transmission system by optical carrier intensity modulated by communication traffic amplitude modulated (AM). We use communication traffic to modulate optical carrier have a non return to zero (NRZ) format return to zero (RZ) format. Methodologies for modulation are:

Direct modulators.



Simulation model for ROF system analyzer:

We provided the simulation models are:

Bit error analyzer:

Eye diagram analyzer:

Eye diagram analyzer block of optisystem software display multiple trace of modulated signal to produce eye diagram.

BER optimization in fiber optic communication:

Fiber optic communication in optisystem:

We implement fiber optic communication in optisystem by


It is the process of conveying message signal, a digital bit stream or analog audio signal inside another signal can be physically transmitted. It provided by two techniques are:


We provide coding as:

Noise sources:

It is a significant issue in communication system noise source in WDM systems are amplifier noise & thermal noise in receivers.

Application of optisystem:

We implement optisystem from Elsevier and applications are:

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