PHD Computer Science Projects

PHD Computer Science Projects, Computer science is the study of computers includes data base management, data structure, and computer architecture and computer communication. We offer PhD computer science projects with advanced research in computer technology we implement IEEE transaction and other articles are selected for PhD computer science academic projects. We developed more than 100+ projects in various domains such as cloud computing, natural language processing, networking, information security, multimedia and forensics in PhD computer science projects.

image processing projects:

We ensure multimedia data in the form of image, text, audio and video format. We support PhD researchers doing research in multimedia data. We implement gross model retrieval process give input as multimedia data and get another form of data. We establish image processing projects with more focused in PhD research. We propose bio medical classification, digital image normalization and remote sensor image segmentation are essential projects in image processing. We develop image processing projects with open source tool to retrieve accurate smoothing, preprocessing and segmentation we use matlab, imagej, openCV and scilab are open source tools required in image processing PhD work.



Computer networking projects:

We describe computing network as input data which processed and stored in various location to enhance scalability and interoperable service we provide computing networks as grid computing, utility computing, cloud computing, and distributed computing network. We afford distributed computing network with hardware & software system include one or more processing element or storage element.

We guide and support PhD researchers to do research in distributed computing network. We attained network based and cost effective based development in PhD computing network research. We propose Cloudsim, gridsim; Peersim and Globus are simulation tool in distributed computing projects. We handle computer network security projects issues and resolved in PhD projects by our team.

Mining projects:

We describe mining is the process of extracting information from database based on user input queries.

We implement data mining; text mining and web mining are various kind of mining process in computer science. For text mining we provide Euclidian distance and clustering algorithm to retrieve accurate result.

To extract back of feature information, we need image based mining process. To group similar feature pixel, we perform k-means or other clustering algorithm. We execute some matching process to analyze similar cluster value objects in database. We implement web service projects to aid the goals which easily identify service provider location for ensure robust service to requester. We utilize weka, rapid miner and R programming tool in mining related PhD research projects.

Networking projects:

We propose NS3, NS2, Opnet, QUALNET and OMNET++ are event based simulation tools. We utilize these tools in PhD computer science projects to obtain realistic network model, performance analysis of various algorithm, protocol and evaluate QOS factor as throughput, delay & packet delivery ratio.


PHD Computer Science Projects


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