OMNET++ Projects

OMNET++ Projects is a prominent network simulator with event based performance. We provide OMNET++ for research and educational area to develop various network applications based academic  projects. We offer B.E project in OMNET++ for B.E students to carry out final year OMNET++ Projects. We make mobility based environment by OMNET++ to simulate mobile and wireless network. We enhance various framework with OMNET++ to design & analyze network applications we use OMNET++ to analyze security based algorithm and performance are visualized by graphs.

LEACH with wireless sensor network:

We propose wireless sensor network which is a collection of small & self contained electro mechanical device to monitor environmental conditions from science direct papers. We ensure wireless sensor network depends on mobility, infrastructure, network size, connectivity, lifetime, density and data aggregation. We designed LEACH (Low energy adaptive clustering hierarchy) an routing protocol for wireless sensor network communication we adopt LEACH an clustering based protocol which utilize local cluster head rotation to distribute energy among sensor in network.


We developed WI-MAX a fourth generation network technology stands for worldwide interoperability for microwave access. We referred WI-MAX as IEEE 802.16. We designed WI-MAX as wireless communication standard to create metropolitan area network. We implemented a broadband wireless access technique to offer fast broadband connection and allow user to browse internet on laptop without connecting to router. WI-MAX takes microwave to provide data transfer wirelessly.

Standards of WI-MAX:

We provide various standards to ensure wireless communication. They are:

802.16 a- Use licensed frequency from 2 to 11 GHZ & support mesh network. 802.16 b- Increase spectrum from 5 to 6 GHZ & provide QOS support for real time voice & video services. 802.16 c- Represent 10 to 66 GHZ & applied to wireless communication. 802.16 e- Ensure addresses on mobile communication & enable high speed signal handoff for communication with user moving vehicular speeds.

Features of WI-MAX:

We adopt following feature in WI-MAX are:

WI-MAX uses:

We attain following uses in WI-MAX are:

INET simulator:

We proposed more than 80+ projects in INET framework with OMNET++ simulator to simulate wireless network. OMNET++ Projects provide WI-MAX based wireless communication under INET framework.

We support INET with mobile & wireless network simulation. In INET simulation modules & packages are communicated by message & message passing. Every module ensure better environment to create network communication & research application. We developed INET framework under C++ and OTCL language. We implement OTCL to develop simulation under tool command language. Main core applications are developed by C++ language.


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