A Reactive and Scalable Unicast Solution for Video Streaming over VANETs

A Reactive and Scalable Unicast Solution for Video Streaming over VANETs Vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) are no longer a futuristic promise but rather an attainable technology. The majority of services envisioned for VANETs either require the provisioning of multimedia support or have this support as an extremely beneficial feature. However, the highly dynamic topology of VANETs poses a demanding challenge for the fulfillment of the stringent requirements for video streaming. In this paper, we provide a deep understanding of the issue of unicastvideo streaming over VANETs and propose a novel protocol, VIRTUS. In video streaming, many packets are transmitted consecutively in a short period of time. VIRTUS takes this into consideration and extend the duration of the decision of nodes to forward packets from a single transmission to a time window. Furthermore, VIRTUS calculates the suitability of a node to relay packets based on a balance between geographic advancement and link stability. We also propose an extension, that separates the process of relay node selection from the transmission of video content and adopts a density-aware mechanism that adapts its behavior according to local density. Consequently, VIRTUS makes use of the reactive aspect of receiver-based solutions while remaining scalable to increases in transmission rates and density. We report through extensive realistic experiments the benefits of using VIRTUS towards delivering video at a higher quality, in a timely fashion, with lower overhead and fewer collisions.