A Review Paper on Automotive Crash Prediction and Notiication Technologies

A Review Paper on Automotive Crash Prediction and Notiication Technologies The objective of this work is to provide brief review on the technologies proposed to predict the collision between vehicles, before the collision happens itself and smart activation of safety systems like air bag deployment, seat belt tightening. This paper also cover the review on the accident notification schemes proposed once the accident is predicted. At the later part of this paper, an ideal model for the accident prediction and notification system schematic is given. Most of the existing sensor system for automotive adaptive cruise control and collision avoidance uses the radar and laser technology for operation. The main disadvantage of those system is that it will work only if theater space between vehicles is greater than 1 m. This traditional sensor system is not up to detect the possibility of collision when inter vehicle spacing is small. We cannot actually relay on the collision detection mechanism which is based on sensing at larger distances. Hence in automotive industry, research on system which can predict the imminent collision just before the collision occurs has a great consideration and the sensor system development mainly concentrates on the relative velocity mea-cerement of the vehicles. An isotropic magneto-resistive (AMR)and sonar/ultrasonic sensors are adopted for development of the proposed sensor system. AMR sensors are used to measure the magnetic field and to get the relative position of vehicles. The main aim of the object is to develop a unique sensor system which can be used to estimate the planer position and orientation of vehicles to avoid vehicle collision by effectively predicting the possibility for collision. Once the accident is predicted, the camera system embedded in the vehicle will get activated and will capture snaps to gather information of the vehicles near tithe host vehicle. Once accident happens intimation in the form of alert message including accident location long with the snap information will be send to nearb- hospitals or police station usingGSM module.