A Social Network Based Reputation System for Cooperative P2P File Sharing

A Social Network Based Reputation System for Cooperative P2P File Sharing Current reputation systems for peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing networks suffer from high overhead on reputation querying. Also, purely relying on a threshold to detect malicious nodes may make a high-reputed node be reluctant to further increase its reputation in these reputation systems. On the other side, the social network concept of “friendship foster cooperation” can be utilized to alleviate the high overhead in reputation systems. However, the limited number of friends limits the availability of file resources in these approaches. To overcome the drawbacks, we propose a social network based reputation system, namely SocialTrust, that synergistically leverages the social network connections and traditional credit based reputation system to provide efficient reputation management for P2P file sharing. In SocialTrust, each node favors friends for service transactions, which are resulted from both real life acquaintances and online partnerships established between high-reputed and frequently-interacted nodes. When no friends are available for a request, a node chooses the server with the highest reputation. The benefits of friendship and partnership on file sharing and cost saving encourage nodes to be continuously cooperative. Further, SocialTrust considers the number of friends/partners and the reputation of a node in reputation rewarding/punishment in order to realize accurate reputation evaluation. SocialTrust can also prevent certain attacks such as deny of service and collusion. Extensive trace-driven simulation demonstrates the effectiveness of SocialTrust.