A Threshold Anonymous Authentication Protocol for VANETs

A Threshold Anonymous Authentication Protocol for VANETs Vehicular ad hoc network (VANET) has recently received significant attentions to improve traffic safety and efficiency. However, communication trust and user privacy still present practical concerns to the deployment of VANET, as many existing authentication protocols for VANET either suffer from the heavy workload of downloading the latest revocation list from a remote authority, or cannot allow drivers on the road to decide the trustworthiness of a message when the authentication on messages is anonymous. In this paper, to cope with these challenging concerns, we propose a new authentication protocol for VANET in a decentralized group model by using a new group signature scheme. In the assistance of the new group signature scheme, the proposed authentication protocol is featured with threshold authentication, efficient revocation, unforgeability, anonymity, and traceability. In addition, the assisting group signature scheme may also be of independent interest, as it is characterized by efficient traceability and message-linkability at the same time. Extensive analyses indicate that our proposed threshold anonymous authentication protocol is secure, and the verification of messages among vehicles can be accelerated by using batch message processing techniques.