An Approach to Business Process Recovery from Source Code

An Approach to Business Process Recovery from Source Code Over time Business Process has become an asset for organization since it allows managing what happens within their environments. It is possible to automate some activities of the business process using information systems and accordingly decrease the execution time and increase the production. However, information systems often suffer maintenance over time and become obsolete and a re-engineering process is necessary. In this case, the business knowledge, located more accurately the reality in source code, should be maintained. Thereof, this paper propose an approach to support the business process recovery from source code. For this purpose, the approach uses KDM standard with a set of heuristic rules to identify relevant code elements to the business layer. As result, the models are generated according to the BPMN specification that, together with other artifacts, provide more subsidies to the professionals involved. To evaluate the effectiveness of the approach, a case study was performed in an Academic Management System.