An efficient halftone visual secret sharing scheme

An efficient halftone visual secret sharing scheme In Halftone Visual Secret Sharing (VSS) scheme, meaningless random shares are encoded into halftone shares taking meaningful visual information which reduces the suspicion of intruders. Most of the halftone visual secret sharing scheme described in literature generate the shares in the form of the halftone image which makes it difficult for intruded to identify the content of the shares, therefore intruder cannot get access to the content of the original secret image transmitted over the transition media. It is observed that share generating scheme using halftone images increases the security of the data but the quality of the reconstructed image from halftone shares is not good. In this paper, an efficient halftone visual secret sharing scheme is developed which will be able to deal with the problem of contrast loss in the reconstructed images. Finally, experimental results demonstrate the quality of reconstructed image by the proposed scheme which is better than that of other halftone visual secret sharing schemes.