An Efficient Multi Queue Job Scheduling for Cloud Computing

An Efficient Multi Queue Job Scheduling for Cloud Computing Cloud computing is one of the well developing field in Computer Science and Information Technology. The efficient job scheduling increases the client satisfaction and utilize the system energy in terms of time. A Multi Queue Scheduling (MQS) algorithm proposed to reduces the cost of both reservation and on-demand plans using the global scheduler. Scheduling is the most important complex part in cloudcomputing. The ultimate aim of global scheduler is to share the resources at most the maximum level. Researcher gives more importance to build a job scheduling algorithms that are well-suited and appropriate in Cloud computing situation. Job scheduling is one of the critical event in cloud computingbecause the user have to pay for services based on usage time. The proposed methodology depicts the concept of clustering the jobs based on burst time. During the time of scheduling the traditional methods such as First Come First Serve, Shortest Job First, EASY, Combinational Backfill and Improved backfill using balance spiral method are creates fragmentation. The proposed method overcome this problem and reduces the starvation with in the process. This paper also focus some existing scheduling algorithm and issues related to them in cloud computing. The proposed MQS method gives more importance to select job dynamically in order to achieve the optimum cloudscheduling problem and hence it utilize the unused free space in an economic way.