An event-driven university campus navigation system on android platform

An event-driven university campus navigation system on android platform A university campus may be very large or it may have many campuses. Every year lots of new students get admitted in the university. Many new buildings are built, new courses are started and some departments may be relocated inside the campus. There are no facilities to find places like administrative building, departments, library, canteen, etc. in the campus and how to find those places from current location. It creates problem to the new comer to reach easily and timely in the desired location. The new faculty member, staff and visitors also face same problem inside campuses. Moreover, there does not exist an efficient system to inform about any event which will happen just few minutes or few hours later in the university campus with its proper location and shortest path from current location. Nowadays, most of the students, faculty members and staff use android phone for personal purpose. A Global Positioning System (GPS) based map application will be most helpful to locate desired place and shortest path from current location and to get updates of events on map with its location. Thus, it will reduce frustration and confusion of anybody inside the campus. This paper presents the architecture and design of a Google Map based application on Android Platform. The application has been implemented using Android SDK and has been tested for two campuses of Jadavpur University (Main campus and Salt Lake campus).