An integrated simulation module for wireless cyber-physical system

An integrated simulation module for wireless cyber-physical system Wireless Sensors Network (WSN) integration in a Cyber Physical System (CPS) is becoming one of the most important research topics for increasing the adaptability, autonomy, efficiency, functionality, reliability, safety, and usability in the wireless automation systems. Due the complexity of the CPS, simulators and emulators have to be used to replace the real experiments in order to provide necessary feedback and facilities for this regard. Although the simulators are open source, flexible, extensible and full integrated in a mathematical modelling tools, the external connection at a physical level and the direct interaction with the process control via the WSN in the CPSs is very poor. This paper proposes a new simulation module to control a wireless cyber-physical system, by integrating LabVIEWdevelopment environment for a visual programming language from National Instruments, and COOJA, a cross level wireless sensor network simulator. The developed software module, called “GILOO” (Graphical Integration of Labview and cOOja) enables to develop and to debug control policies in a simulated or realistic scenario, using the virtual environment or the hardware module, such as the National Instruments Data Acquisition (SCADA), the FPGA platform, the CompactRio, etc. The designed GILOO module has been experimentally tested and preliminary results are shown in this paper. In detail, a smart home mock-up is proposed to verify its correct behavior and to realize the networked control of an indoor LED lighting system.