An RFID-Based Dynamic Positioning Scheme with MATLAB GUI

An RFID-Based Dynamic Positioning Scheme with MATLAB GUI This paper focuses on a RFID-Based dynamic positioning scheme, aiming to locate an object by using a moving RFID reader and reference tags without recording any measurement data, e.g., the time of arrival (TOA) of the signal, or the received signal strength indication (RSSI). To address the problem of blindness of location path, a RFID-based positioning scheme with MATLAB GUI, is proposed based on the theory of the original dynamic positioning method. The status of all the tags read by moving reader can be monitored whenever necessary. Moreover, a power-adjustable method of location path is proposed for saving positioning time. Results of experiments indicate that the proposed dynamic positioning scheme is user-friendly control and can positioning accurately with low cost, which would be applied in localization of warehouse management in the future.