Boosting Gossip for Live Streaming

Boosting Gossip for Live Streaming Gossip protocols are considered very effective to disseminate information in a large scale dynamic distributed system. Their inherent simplicity makes them easy to implement and deploy. However, whereas their probabilistic guarantees are often enough to disseminate data in the context of low- bandwidth applications, they typically do not suffice for high-bandwidth content dissemination: missing 1% is unacceptable for live streaming. In this paper, we show how the combination of two simple mechanisms copes with this seemingly inherent deficiency of gossip: (i) codec, an erasure coding scheme, and (ii) claim2, a content- request scheme that leverages gossip duplication to diversify the retransmission sources of missing information. We show how these mechanisms can effectively complement each other in a new gossip protocol, gossip++, which retains the simplicity of deployment of plain gossip. In a realistic setting with an average bandwidth capability (800 kbps) close to the streamrate (680 kbps) and 1% message loss, plain gossip can provide at most 99% of the stream. Using gossip++, on the other hand, all nodes can view a perfectly clear stream.