Capture-Aware Estimation for Large-Scale RFID Tags Identification

Capture-Aware Estimation for Large-Scale RFID Tags Identification How to estimate the number of passive radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and the occurrence probability of capture effect is very important for a dynamic frame length Aloha RFID system with capture effect. The estimation would relate to setting an optimal frame length, which makes tag identification achieve higher efficiency. Under large-scale tags identification environment, the number of tags may be much greater than an initial frame length. In this scenario, existing estimates do not work well. In this letter, we propose a novel estimation method for the large-scale tags identification. The proposed method could adjust the initial frame length matched to the number of tags from only the first several slots in the frame. The advantage of the proposed method is to work better even when the number of tags is much greater. Numerical results show that, the proposed method has lower estimation errors under the large-scale tag identification. After setting an optimal frame length from the estimated results of the proposed method, furthermore, we could obtain higher identification efficiency.