Collaborative Management of Requirements Using Semantic Wiki Modules

Collaborative Management of Requirements Using Semantic Wiki Modules Nowadays, when management of requirements is considered one of the principal endeavors causes of success or failure, enterprises need to find a systematic way to promote effective methods for the elicitation of requirements, jointly working in collaboration with stakeholders and developers. However, most of the tools for requirements management are not simple enough to encourage the stakeholders’ participation. Contributing towards this goal, this paper responds with a proposal to facilitate collaborative requirements management, which supports the four classical processes of requirements management: elicitation, analysis, specification and validation. The elicitation and analysis of requirements is made with the support of wiki-based front-ends and then, the requirements are specified and handled in an ontology, thus enabling advanced reasoning capabilities able to support the requirements validation and enterprises’ resources management (e.g. Prioritize solutions) during the course of products andĀ servicesĀ development lifecycle.