Data integrity and privacy model in cloud computing

Data integrity and privacy model in cloud computing Cloud computing is the future of computing industry and it is believed to be the next generation ofcomputing technology. Among the major concern in cloud computing is data integrity and privacy. Clients require their data to be safe and private from any tampering or unauthorized access. Various algorithms and protocols (MD5, AES, and RSA-based PHE) are implemented by the various components of this model to provide the maximum levels of integrity management and privacy preservation for data stored in public cloud such as Amazon S3. The impact of algorithms and protocols, used to ensure data integrity and privacy, is studied to test the performance of the proposed model. The prototype system showed that data integrity and privacy are ensured against unauthorized parties. This model reduces the burden of checking the integrity of data stored in cloud storage by utilizing a third party, integrity checking service, and applies security mechanism that ensure privacy and confidentiality of data stored in cloud computing. This paper proposes an architecture based model that provides data integrity verification and privacy preserving in cloud computing.