Improving performance of cryogenic power electronics

Improving performance of cryogenic power electronics Cryogenic Power Electronics (CPE) provides promising benefits for power conditioning system compared to their room-temperature counterparts in terms of reduced size and weight (increased powerdensity), improved efficiency, improved switching speed, and improved reliability. Active devices such as semiconductor switches can exhibit performance improvements such as reduced conduction losses, higher switching speed, reduced diode reverse recovery, greater device gain, higher over-current capability, and increased power levels. Passive devices (inductors, capacitors, interconnects) will also improve by the lowered resistance of their constituent metal conductors or the use of superconductors. This paper aims to review the present status of CPE and to provide an outlook on emerging device technologies that are gaining in interest. Advanced power electronicpackaging/interconnect methods that adapt well to cryogenics and help further improve system performance is discussed. Given improved and known device and interconnect properties, the system designer can develop the best circuit topologies for maximum CPE system performance.