Investigate SPRON Convergence Time Using Aggressive Chord and Aggressive AP-Chord

Investigate SPRON Convergence Time Using Aggressive Chord and Aggressive AP-Chord Private overlay network is a network that consists of groups of known peers that have been accepted as members. SPRON is the proposed private reappearing overlay network that will be used by schools in Malaysia to solve the distribution and sharing issues of teaching material among them. There are about nine thousand schools in Malaysia and these schools are grouped into morning only, evening only, and morning evening sessions. Peers bootstrap and reappear in a reappearing overlay networkcould cause maintenance overhead. One of the challenges of this research is that the P2P must be bootstrapped within a short period of time before school session starts. The convergence time for SPRON P2P must be able to converge within the time constraint to be usable and implementable in schools.

The study of the network convergence time in aggressive Chord and aggressive Chord with Anchor Peers (AP-Chord) were carried out to ensure bootstrapping time for all the peers can converge into a fully connected overlay network within specific amount of time. Our study shows that the performance of aggressive Chord and aggressive AP-Chord are able to bootstrap 3000 peers that take about 1090s and 1050s seconds respectively using random join rate which clearly shown AP-Chord performs with lot of improvement. If peer joining rate is fixed at 1000 peers per second or higher, both Chords did not guarantee that all the peers are able to join the network entirely in the bootstrapping phase. The outcomes of this study are AP-Chord have the capability to bootstrap 3000 or possibly more with aggressive join in considerably shorter period of time fulfilling the time constraint.