Meta-ontology for innovative product design with semantic TRIZ

Meta-ontology for innovative product design with semantic TRIZ In the manufacturing industry, SCM (Supply Chain Management) is playing an important role is providing profit to the enterprise. Market globalization and rapid advancement of technologies require that companies differentiate themselves with innovative products and services to create competitive advantage. Increasingly, manufacturers face higher pressure to shorten their time for product design to enter market. TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) supports designers for innovative product design by searching from knowledge base. The existing TRIZ ontology supports innovative design of a product. But it considers about specific products (Flashlight and SmartFan) for TRIZ ontology. We applied the semantic TRIZ to products as an interim stage towards meta-ontology that can manage general products and other concepts. The research in this paper aims at developing meta-ontology for innovative product design that can be applied to multiple products in different domain areas. Modeling ontologies of real world (SmartPen and SmartMachine) is taken as an evaluation for the meta-ontology. This may open up new possibilities to innovative product designs.