Novel technique data- hiding scheme for digital image

Novel technique data- hiding scheme for digital image As multimedia have become accepted, the problem of protecting transmitted media has become further significant. In order to improve the protection of information transmission, secret in sequence can be protected by cryptography. Everywhere steganographic algorithm embeds the secret information into dissimilar type of natural cover data, images. The consequential altered data is referred to as stego-data and it has to be perceptually identical from its natural cover. A message might be hidden by using a quantity of algorithms like invisible ink among the visible lines of innocuous documents to make sure the security which is a big apprehension in current day image trafficking across the network. Security might be achieved by hiding data inside the image. In this research we propose a narrative image steganography technique to hide both image and key in color cover image using Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) and hereditarily direct clustering based on Fuzzy C-Means Clustering. There is novisual difference between the stego image and the cover image.