NSCC: Self-Service Network Security Architecture for Cloud Computing

NSCC: Self-Service Network Security Architecture for Cloud Computing Modern cloud computing platforms based on virtual machine monitors carry a variety of complex business that present many network security vulnerabilities. At present, the traditional architecture employs a number of security devices at front-end of cloud computing to protect its network security. Under the new environment, however, this approach can not meet the needs of cloud security. Newcloud security vendors and academia also made great efforts to solve network security of cloudcomputing, unfortunately, they also cannot provide a perfect and effective method to solve this problem. We introduce a novel network security architecture for cloud computing (NSCC) that addresses this problem. NSCC not only provides an effective solution for network security issues of cloud computing, but also greatly improves in scalability, fault-tolerant, resource utilization, etc. We have implemented a proof-of-concept prototype about NSCC and proved by experiments that NSCC is an effective architecture with minimal performance overhead that can be applied to the extensive practical promotion in cloud computing.