Power electronics homework problem solver on the click

Power electronics homework problem solver on the click The field of Power Electronics plays an important role in industry as well as in our day-to-day life. They are used in power plants to generate electrical power and in industry to provide mechanical work. They are an indispensable part of our daily lives. The power electronics area has been and will continue to be amongst the most important fundamental courses of the electrical engineering curriculum. To enhance students learning in the area of power electronics, homework problem solver software has been developed at Ohio Northern University (ONU). This paper explores both the modules of the developedPower Electronics Problem Solver software and the assessment results of an investigation of learners’ attitude toward this media based teaching tool. This software is one that the students can install it on their personal computers and be able to run it as a standalone program that doesn’t need the assistance of any other software. This program utilizes C# and Graphical User Interface (GUI) that provides a user friendly platform for entering all of the data necessary to perform the calculations and instantly receive the outcomes of those calculations. As a helpful learning tool, this program instantly shows the effects that changing one input has on every different aspect of the output and also makes it possible for students to check their homework answers. The modules include DC-DC converters (buck, boost, buck-boost), power supplies (forward converters and flyback converters), DC-AC inverters. The assessment results are based on a survey completed by eighteen students enrolled in the course. The information and data collected from the survey were analyzed and used for the evaluation of Students’ attitudes toward the use of this media based teaching tool. Students have responded favorably to and expressed their satisfaction with the developed software tool.