Prefetching-Based Data Dissemination in Vehicular Cloud Systems

Prefetching-Based Data Dissemination in Vehicular Cloud Systems In the last decade, vehicular ad-hoc networks (VANETs) have been widely studied as an effective method for providing wireless communication connectivity in vehicular transportation systems. In particular, vehicular cloud systems have received abundant interest for the ability to offer a variety of vehicle information services. We consider the data dissemination problem of providing reliable data delivery services from a cloud data center to vehicles through roadside wireless access points (APs) with local data storage. Due to intermittent wireless connectivity and the limited data storage size of roadside wireless APs, the question of how to use the limited resources of the wireless APs is one of the most pressing issues affecting data dissemination efficiency in vehicular cloud systems. In this paper, we devise a vehicle route-based data prefetching scheme, which maximizes data dissemination success probability in an average sense when the size of local data storage is limited and wireless connectivity is stochastically unknown. We propose a greedy algorithm and an online learning algorithm for deterministic and stochastic cases, respectively, to decide how to prefetch a set of data of interest from a data center to roadside wireless APs. Experiment results indicate that the proposed algorithms can achieve efficient data dissemination in a variety of vehicular scenarios.