Research and Application of SOA and Cloud Computing Model

Research and Application of SOA and Cloud Computing Model Cloud computing is a new computing model which can share a set of configurable computing resources with users through real-time network. Users hardly have any interaction with service providers, but can take advantage of the resources with the minimum configuring spending. As a kind of integrated model, SOA blends the developing and the integrated process, diminishes the differences of various practical systems and realizes the EAI function with low cost and comprehensive systems. Cloud computing is the further development of distributed computing, parallel processing and grid computing. Based on the Internet, it is a kind of calculation system, which can provide the hardware for various Internet application services, infrastructure services, platform service, software services, and storage service. This thesis discusses the respective advantages and interrelationship of cloud computing and SOA framework, and puts forward the framework of combining SOA and cloud computing model. The framework has the characteristics of application flexibility, the features of easy extension, easy maintenance as well as low cost.