Resilient tree-based live streaming for mobile scenarios

Resilient tree-based live streaming for mobile scenarios Using Peer-to-Peer technology to deliver live video streams to mobile devices is a promising approach. It allows service providers to scale their video distribution without increasing their cost. As the resources are replicated at the edge of the network, mobile devices can take advantage of close-by peers in order to get the required data faster. This, however, is challenging due to the highly dynamic nature of the participating mobile devices. Hence, the video distribution overlay needs to adapt quickly to changes in the available bandwidth as well as the location of peers. Also, it should be resilient to arbitrary disconnects as well as targeted attacks. In this paper, we introduce a multi-tree-pushstreaming system which takes the upload capacities of mobile devices into account and arranges the overlay connections based on their position in the network topology. Our demonstrations show that our system is resilient to churn and attacks while running on desktop machines and mobile devices.