Video sharing on OSNs using a distributed algorithm

Video sharing on OSNs using a distributed algorithm Online Social Networks (OSNs) have become one of the most popular sites for sharing contents on theweb recently. These online social networks are one of the most popular sites on the web. It provides an efficient way for sharing and finding contents like videos, photos etc on the net. But its development is highly affected by the client and server architecture used in the current online social network systems, which are really very expensive in case of the storage and also in terms of the servers bandwidth. It is also not very compatible with the increasing number of users and content shared on an online social network. The main aim of the work is to reduce the server load and manage the buffer in an efficient manner. The server load is reduced by implementing a distributed algorithm for the efficient P2P video sharing, a peak algorithm for splitting the video into chunks in an effective manner, for quick delivery of contents to the users, a chunk delivery and scheduling algorithm. The video sharing technique used can provide users a better video viewing experience and the system scalability over the present video sharing techniques and is also used for a better video viewing performance.