Web-based motion detection system for health care

Web-based motion detection system for health care Health care systems are increasingly equipped with wearable body sensors and smart-phones, offering intelligent monitoring and control. The Web of Things (WoT) integrates data from resource-constrained sensors into web applications and allows the realization of smart web-based healthcare systems. In this paper, a fully functional web-based motion detection system for health care is designed and implemented based on predefined requirements. We explored Contiki and its supported low-power wireless standards for 6LoWPAN-based Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) to address issues such as device registration and real-time bidirectional communication. We also designed a motion detection algorithm for this system. Further, a technical evaluation is presented to show the benefits of this kind ofweb-based healthcare systems in terms of performance and user experience. These methods and statistics are valuable for companies that are developing similar healthcare systems with these new and promising technologies.