VLSI Projects

VLSI Projects ,VLSI stands for very large scale integration systems which integrate millions of electronic components in small area. We offer VLSI projects for ECE students to create IC and transistors based application projects. We ensure VLSI as emerging technology to create research in various applications. We develop latest IC and latest technology in VLSI domain. We support engineering students to develop final year projects in real time and IEEE based papers.



Synthesis in VLSI:

We provide logic synthesis to analyze desired circuit behavior. By logic gates we design register transfer level and give circuit architecture for electronic devices.

Commonly used synthesis tools:

We developed more than 80+ project in VLSI application with various tools. The commonly used synthesis tools are:

VLSI Projects abstraction level:

We implement VLSI abstraction level for B.Tech students are:

VLSI Projects design styles:

We support VLSI design to develop application and VLSI design styles are:

Programmable logic:

It composed of pre manufactured components with programmable interconnect & computer aided design tool to reduce design effort on programmable logic device. Logo cost design with high unit cost applicable for lower performance.

Full custom:

We provide full custom, every circuit element require handcraft. It takes huge design effort with VLSI.

We ensure high performance with high design cost & low unit cost.



System on chip:

We use system on chip to combine several large blocks which composed of predesigned custom core with intellectual property.

Application specific integrated circuit:

It composed of constrained design using predefined or pre manufacture components. We adopt CAD tools to reduce design effort with low cost design.

Scaling process:

We refer scaling as process of shrinking layout with every dimension reduced by a factor. By scaling process we attain smaller, faster, conducting more electricity, and less power consuming.

Advantages of VLSI Projects:

We adopt following factors in VLSI are:

Application of VLSI Projects:

We implement VLSI in following application are:



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